Kentucky universities’ tuition rates approved

The lowest tuition and fee rate increases in more than a decade approved at top Kentucky universities.

The Council on Postsecondary Education approved tuition and mandatory fee rate increases for Eastern Kentucky University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky.

“We commend the campuses for staying within the guidelines established last year by the council and for continuing their efforts to keep tuition as low as possible,” CPE President Bob King said.

With the goal of ensuring affordable college tuition for resident undergraduate, the rates will increase as follows:

These rates comply with the CPE’s two-year tuition and mandatory fee ceilings set last year to balance the competing priorities of affordability and access for Kentucky students, given the impact of state budget cuts since 2007-08.

The CPE also approved an exception to its 2015-16 resident undergraduate tuition and mandatory fee rate ceiling for Eastern Kentucky, which allows a student-endorsed fee of $150 per semester for full-time students, prorated at $12.50 per credit hour for part-time students. Revenue from the fee will support renovation of the Eastern Kentucky Student Union (Powell Building) and the construction of a new recreation and wellness center.

Rates for the remaining public campuses will be set at the CPE’s June meeting.

Map: Kentucky tuition rates by location.


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